Monday, March 22, 2010

Something to think about...

Here is a very popular new video that has come out from the people who made the video "The Story of Stuff". Since it talks about bottled water, I thought that it would be an appropriate addition to our unit about water and the environment. Your tasks include the following:

1.) Watch the entire video, "The Story of Bottled Water". Please keep in mind that you do not need to agree with the content of the video. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with it, but I thought that it would be something interesting to get you thinking.

2.) Write TWO comments about your reaction to the video while you watched it. This should be done on your blog in a new post.

3.) Write TWO questions that came into your head either as you watched the video, or after you had finished watching it. These can be written along with your two comments, just be sure to separate and label them appropriately.

4.) Go onto other students' blog pages and read their comments and questions. Respond to TWO comments, and answer at least ONE question.


  1. I don't understand why we shouldn't buy water in bottles because different brands taste different and some people might like sparkling water better (like me) but i agree that one seller tries to crush the other but sometimes people might like water lemon flavoured.

  2. I disagree that it is better to drink tap water because in France it tastes different and in India you can become very sick from it and its dangerous.

  3. The monthly bills of water (average) would be equal to how many water bottles?

  4. How many brands of water are there in US?

  5. I must agree to this video. It might take a lot of hard work to built up a company of bottled water but taking water from the same place that we used to drink is bogus. Too many people believe in such things like a campaign likes to say "FRESH WATER! FRESH WATER! FROM THE MOUNTAINS!" To make bottles by oil? Imagine if the oil in the world would finish? What would you do? You can't ride your car, sailing with ship, and even you can't travel all around the world without planes because planes need fuel (oil) to start the engine. From now we start to safe our fuel and water.

    * How many of bottles can make a circle around earth?
    * If the water bottles buried for thousands of years to make oil, how will we needed the oil now? What will happen to us if there aren't no oil anymore?