Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your First Blog Post!

Welcome to the fun and wonderful world of blogging (yes, even if it is for school!). Now that you have set up your own class blog, it is time to learn how to create and publish a post. So, for your first post, I'd like you to complete the following simple tasks:

1.) Click on "New Post" on the top of your blog page.

2.) Give your post the title "Welcome to My Blog!"

3.) Your first sentence in your blog post should say:

      My name is ________ (write your first name only), and I am a student at Sinarmas World Academy.

4.) Highlight "Sinarmas World Academy" and create a hyperlink to the school's website. If you don't know how to create a hyperlink, then please look here. If you still need help, please ask for it!

5.) Now write a short paragraph (let's say at least 8 sentences, shall we?) that introduces yourself to your readers. Please remember the following:
                       - DO NOT give any personal information about yourself (last name, your home address, email address, etc. ) in your paragraph.
                       - This should be written as a paragraph, NOT as a list of 8 sentences.

Don't know what to write about? Here are some ideas (use some of them, all of them or none of them!):

- Your hobbies (what do you like to do when you are not in school?)
- Music that you like
- Your favorite school subjects (explain this one)
- Movies that you like
- Where you are from
- Your favorite television shows
- Your favorite video games
- The kinds of things that you might like to do with your blog (besides posting your school assignments)

Have  fun with this!

Grade 8- Documentary Blurb Project

We have discussed what a blurb is- it is a short summary that gives important information about a book, movie, story, etc. When we are talking about books and movies, the blurb is usually found on the back, or on a website that provides the book or movie.

In your Language A class, your task is to make a documentary about an environmental issue, and using emotive language to try and make the audience feel the same way about the issue that you do. Remember, emotive language is a type of language that makes people feel emotions!

In our ESL class, we are going to be creating a blurb for your documentary that uses emotive language. In order to start this assignment, you must complete the following tasks:

1.)  Go to the shared class Google Doc and fill in the necessary information about your documentary. Please pay special attention to the part where it asks who your audience is, what emotions you want them to feel, and what kind of language you will use to make them feel that way. I have provided the model that we did in class on the Google Doc, as well.

2.) Create your own Google Doc and share it with me (no need to share it with others in the class). Copy and paste the checklist from the class Google Doc, as well as the part that asks you to talk about what you will write in the introduction, body and conclusion.

3.) Start to fill in the information on the checklist and about the introduction, body and conclusion.

When we have finished these tasks, we will be ready to begin writing and editing our documentary blurb!