Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Do We Tell Stories?

Hello, grades 6 & 7! Today we are going to continue with our storytelling unit. Yesterday, we heard examples of dull vs. interesting stories, and we discussed what makes storytelling boring or exciting.

Today, I'd first like you to watch this video about storytelling:

Then I want you to think about the answers to the question: Why do we tell stories?

Using all of this information, I now want you to do the following tasks:

1.) Think of some of your favorite fairy tales, movies and/or stories from your culture.

2.) Write a paragraph describing these, answering the questions:
- Why do you like them so much?
- Which ones does everybody know?
- What is it about them that makes them fun to listen to?

3.) Copy your paragraph and paste it AS A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST. If you do not remember how to do this, please ask me or another student in the class for help.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. The important things are whole body must moving. Use some movement. And another thing is if tell the story must speak loud and clearly for listener to listen carefully.

  2. I learn about important of the moving and talking. And this story tell me that if we are telling the story we must speak loud and clear.

  3. I like SHREK AND OVER THE EDGE. I think most of people know the shrek because shrek have 4 movies. shrek make people fun.

  4. 2 things that I learned is that when you are telling a story you don't need to tell what's on the paper. Also telling a story can make a wonderful community for all of us.

  5. My favorite three stories were How to train your dragon, Toy Story 3 and Cars. Every of them were well known in this world. I like those story because its really interesting and funny, also the ending are really touching.

  6. My favorite three movie is transformer, ice age and bolt it seems like my friends all of them knew about those three movie i like those movies because they are funny and interesting the ice age is just a funny movie because in transformer the boy kissed to the robot they are just only photoing a movie.