Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parts Of Speech Final Assessment!

For this final assessment, you will take all four of the parts of speech projects that you have made (along with the reflections that you did for them) and put them into one blog post. Please make sure to separate them into categories.

Your finished blog post should look like this:

Parts Of Speech Final Assessment


(Your video reflection should go here)



A Day In My Life, Part 1: Present Tense Verbs

A Day In My Life, Part 2: Past Tense Verbs

(Your second verb video project should go here)


(Your written reflection should go here)

***Note: If there are projects that you do not still have saved on your computer, you can still move them to this post by going into the "Edit HTML" section of your original project post, copying the HTML code, and pasting it into this new post where ever it needs to go.***

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teach Us About Sentences!

Want to know what to do for your final project about sentence structure? Watch this and find out:

 Post your final project on your blog with the same title and labels as this post.
                                            Work hard, good luck, and have fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Final Project- What I've Learned About Grammar

OK, guys, it is time to show me what you've learned! To do this portion of the final project, you will need to go back to the writing sample that you all did at the start of the unit. You will then edit it, film the editing process, and explain the changes that you made and why.

In order to complete this project, you will need to do the following things:

1.) Look at your original writing sample and take a screen shot (apple + shift + 4) of it.

2.) COPY AND PASTE your writing into a new document ( DO NOT edit your writing in your blog post!) and edit it for the following things:

* Sentence Structure = Make sure all sentences have a subject, predicate, and complete thought. Fix   any sentence fragments and run-on sentences.

* Parts of speech = Make sure that all verb tenses are correct, that all subjects and verbs agree, and edit or add adjectives and adverbs to make your writing more interesting.

   *Important: You MUST make at least 10 changes to your writing!*

ALSO: As you make each change, you will use Sequence to record yourself making your changes. You can choose to do this with or without sound, as it can often be difficult to type and talk at the same time.

3.) Take a screen shot of your new, edited piece.

4.) Import your Sequence movie clips into iMovie and start a new project called "Editing For Grammar".

              Include:  An introduction scene
                             Your completed movie of editing your writing piece
                              An ending scene
* Important: If you did not record yourself talking to explain your changes in your Sequence movie, you MUST now record yourself on iMovie explaining your changes as you watch it. You must explain the changes you made, as well as WHY you made them.*

5.) Create a new blog post called, "What I've Learned About Grammar". Your post MUST include the following three things:

          1.) The screen shot of your original writing piece in your blog post.
          2.) The screen shot of your new, edited writing piece.
          3.) The iMovie that you made showing you editing your writing.

                                                          For a visual of this, look below:

Here is my original writing piece:

Here is my edited writing sample:

Here is my iMovie explaining my editing process:

Good luck, and PLEASE come and see me for help if you get stuck or are unsure of what to do.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Make An Adverbs Movie!

Check out this sample movie that I made to help you explain our new adverbs project! I used a site called Dvolver to create this 3-scene movie.

And now you'll create one, too!

Students will pair up and write a script that teaches viewers about adverbs (what they are, what they modify, and some examples). They will then go to Dvolver and turn their script into a short movie, complete with voice over and music.  Not sure how to do this: Follow the steps below:

1.) Find your partner and write a 3-scene script about adverbs (what they are, what they do, and a few examples). Each scene can be 6 lines long. Please make your sentences somewhat short.

2.) Go to Dvolver and start making a movie. You do not need to sign up to create a movie.

3.) When you have finished your movie, you will need to EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF, then open it and use Sequence to take a screen shot video of it. Please come and ask me for help with this step if you don't know how to do this! (Note: Sequence is an application on your Mac)

4.) When your Sequence movie is completed, drag it into iMovie and do the following things:

A.) Record yourself and your partner speaking the lines in each scene.
B.) Choose music to put in the background (iLife sound effects)
C.) Put in transitions in between the scenes. If you can, edit out the scene transitions in the Dvolver movie.
D.) Record a video introduction with you and your partner explaining what adverbs are and what they do. Then, give an introduction to your movie (who are the characters? What are they doing? What are they going to teach us?).
E.) Send to iTunes

5.) Post your video in a blog post with the same title and labels as this post.

6.) Include in your post a WRITTEN reflection that includes the following information:

  - What did you do to make this movie?
  - What have you learned about adverbs?
  - How did making this movie help you to learn about adverbs?
  - Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?
  - If you worked with a partner, do you think that you shared the work and responsibility well? Were  you a "good partner"? Explain this answer.

                             Good luck and have fun!