Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome to Grammar! Writing Sample...


We will be starting a new unit that focuses on grammar in order to help us become better communicators.

As a starting activity for this unit, all students will write a blog post that examines the MYP Learner Profiles.

Choose ONE of the following questions and write at least TWO PARAGRAPHS for your response:

1.) Being an inquirer means that you are curious about life and try to learn about it. It means that when you see or hear about something that is interesting to you, you do things to help you know more about it: do internet research, ask someone, read a book or magazine article about it, watch a video, etc.

Describe the last time that you were curious about something. What did you do about it?

2.) Being a caring person means that you show respect and compassion to others. It also means that you try to make a positive difference for other people, animals, or places.

Describe a time when you were a caring person. What was the situation, and what did you do to try and make the situation better?

3.) Being a risk-taker means that you try new things and explore new situations. Risk-takers are brave and don’t worry about embarrassing themselves or doing things the wrong way, they just want to have new experiences.

Describe a time when you were a risk-taker. What new thing did you try? How did it turn out in the end?

This should be written as a blog post, and should have the same title and labels as this post.

Good luck and have fun!

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