Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to all of my returning and new students! I hope that you all had restful and relaxing holidays, and that you are ready to jump right in to our new grammar review unit! We will be starting with a review of the parts of speech (if you are not sure what I mean by this, you may want to look it up before class, because I'll be asking!).

Below is a little video I want to share with you that I saw and thought was very funny. If you are a person who is good with technology (also known as a "techie"), then you may relate to the way the tech instructor here is feeling. If you are a person who is not so great with learning new technology, you may not be aware that your teacher/friend/sibling/parent is trying VERY hard to keep their patience when they are trying to teach you how to do new things!

Which of the characters in the video do you think you are? Can you explain why?

Enjoy the video, and welcome to second semester! Let's have a great one!

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