Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day In My Life, Part 1- Present Tense Verbs

Hello, everyone! We have started the verb portion of our Parts of Speech review, and are focusing on present tense verbs (actions that are happening now or that usually happen). As a practice project for these verbs, we are going to do a photo project that will be called "A Day in My Life- Part 1" (Part 2 will come when we start past tense verbs!).

Here is an example project that I made so that you can see what the final project should look like:

As you can see, this project involves several steps: taking pictures, editing them, using iMovie to string them together, as well as adding text, voice-over and music.

Here are the steps that you should follow in order to complete the project:

1.) Take SIX pictures of scenes that describe a normal day in your
     life. These pictures can include people, places or things.
2.) Upload the pictures to your computer and edit them.
3.) Open a new iMovie project called "A Day in My LIfe- Part 1"
     and drag the six pictures over.
4.) In each picture, add text that shows the VERBS that are being
     used in the scene. You can have as many as you need, but you
     should have at least TWO per picture.
5.) Go through and record yourself describing your day, using the
     verbs that show up in the pictures. Please make sure that your
     speaking matches the text. If you  need to, you can adjust the
     length of each scene to help make this happen.

      ***Note: Verbs should NOT be popping up when you are talking about something else!

6.) Use the iLife Sound Effects to choose background music to put into your project. Please don't
     choose music that is too loud, or that doesn't match the mood of your pictures.
7.) Put in a video introduction that explains what a verb is, as well as what present tense verbs do.Then
     give a short introduction about your project (What is it? How did you make it?). Also, include an
8.) Share by sending to iTunes.

You will then make a new blog post that has the same title and labels as this one, and upload your video.

Good luck, have fun, and ask questions if you need help!

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