Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parts Of Speech Final Assessment!

For this final assessment, you will take all four of the parts of speech projects that you have made (along with the reflections that you did for them) and put them into one blog post. Please make sure to separate them into categories.

Your finished blog post should look like this:

Parts Of Speech Final Assessment


(Your video reflection should go here)



A Day In My Life, Part 1: Present Tense Verbs

A Day In My Life, Part 2: Past Tense Verbs

(Your second verb video project should go here)


(Your written reflection should go here)

***Note: If there are projects that you do not still have saved on your computer, you can still move them to this post by going into the "Edit HTML" section of your original project post, copying the HTML code, and pasting it into this new post where ever it needs to go.***

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