Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mood and Tone

We've been talking about mood and tone in class. Tone is the way that the writer/narrator feels about the piece or characters, and mood is the way that the piece makes the reader feel when reading it.

Your assignment is to look at the topic which was given to you in class. Choose THREE different tones/moods which you will create (for examples, perhaps your topic is walking to school in the morning. You might choose Happy, Frustrated and Scared as your three tones/moods). THEN, write one paragraph (MINIMUM 6 sentences per paragraph) about that topic for each mood/tone that you've chosen.

After EACH paragraph, write a short reflection that discusses:
* What the tone/mood of the paragraph is
* Specific words that you used to show this tone/mood (give examples)
* The style of writing that you used

So, just to recap, you need to write:

* THREE paragraphs
* THREE reflections

Have fun!

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