Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trait #4- Word Choice

We've been working on the trait of Word Choice. So, for your assignment you are going to be editing and peer editing for strong word choice in your writing. Here are the tasks for you to do:

1.) Choose the Quick Write that you did today, along with ONE OTHER that you feel is descriptive. SO, you are working with two Quick Writes.

2.) Type up your pieces on They can go on the same pad, just be sure to put them separately, label/title them properly and leave a good amount of space between the two.

3.) Email your titanpad page URL to a partner.

4.) When your partner sends you their link, go through EACH piece and highlight at least 10 adjectives that you feel could be replaced with better or stronger words. If they do no have 10 adjectives in their piece, put a space and highlight some places where strong descriptive words should go. Just remember, you are doing this TWICE.
* Underneath each piece, you can write some notes about the changes that you feel your partner needs to make.

5.) When your partner is finished, take a screen shot of your titanpad page BEFORE you make any changes!
(To take a screen shot: Apple + Shift + 4)

6.) Go through your pieces and make the recommended changes, plus any other changes that you think are necessary (in your color).

7.) Take a screen shot of your finished piece.

8.) Post your two screen shots, PLUS a reflective paragraph underneath that describes how and why your second piece is improved by the changes which you made. This paragraph should be at least 5 sentences long. To be clear, EVERYTHING should go into one post. The title of this post should be "Word Choice Practice".

Have fun!

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