Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sentence Fluency!

Picture 4OK, we have gone over the trait of Sentence Fluency in class. We've even practiced it a bit. So, now you are going to COMBINE your skills at Word Choice and Sentence Fluency with this fantastic assignment. Here are your instructions:

1.) Open the screen shot of the original text that we worked on with Word Choice last time (See above). This was emailed to you.

2.) You have also received an email with an attachment of the text, which you can work on. First, go through the text and make your Word Choice changes (these were done last class). Highlight and save these changes.

3.) Next, go through the text and edit it for Sentence Fluency. In a different color, highlight the sentences which you changed. YOU MUST MAKE  AT LEAST TEN SENTENCE CHANGES!

4.) Now, take a screen shot of your new, edited text (apple + shift + 4).

5.) In the SAME blog post, include both the Before and the After screen shots of your text. Then, write a reflection about what you learned about Word Choice and Sentence Fluency, how/why your second draft reads better than the first draft, and how you are going to try and include these new skills into your writing for all of your classes.


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