Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grade 8- Documentary Blurb Project

We have discussed what a blurb is- it is a short summary that gives important information about a book, movie, story, etc. When we are talking about books and movies, the blurb is usually found on the back, or on a website that provides the book or movie.

In your Language A class, your task is to make a documentary about an environmental issue, and using emotive language to try and make the audience feel the same way about the issue that you do. Remember, emotive language is a type of language that makes people feel emotions!

In our ESL class, we are going to be creating a blurb for your documentary that uses emotive language. In order to start this assignment, you must complete the following tasks:

1.)  Go to the shared class Google Doc and fill in the necessary information about your documentary. Please pay special attention to the part where it asks who your audience is, what emotions you want them to feel, and what kind of language you will use to make them feel that way. I have provided the model that we did in class on the Google Doc, as well.

2.) Create your own Google Doc and share it with me (no need to share it with others in the class). Copy and paste the checklist from the class Google Doc, as well as the part that asks you to talk about what you will write in the introduction, body and conclusion.

3.) Start to fill in the information on the checklist and about the introduction, body and conclusion.

When we have finished these tasks, we will be ready to begin writing and editing our documentary blurb!

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