Sunday, November 28, 2010

ESL 6 & 7 Unit 1 Final Project Displays

You have created several pieces of work in this class during the course of this unit:

1.) An electronic storyboard, using the website called Storybird. You then turned this into a poster storyboard and added important details to it.

2.) A written story, taking the text from your storyboard and adding to it.

3.) A podcast of yourself telling your story. You showed the differences between simply reading a story and telling a story in this podcast.

In a separate blog post (so this SHOULD NOT be posted with your reflections), please load the following assignments:

 1.) The link to your Storybird page.

2.) The text of the story that you wrote.

3.) The video that you made of yourself reading your story, using PhotoBooth.

4.) The podcast that you made in which you told your story.

Next, write a brief description saying what each one is. Then, publish these pieces of work in your post.

Please use the same titles and labels as this post.

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