Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ESL Grade 8- Emotive Language in Movies.

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 11.32.14 AMAbove are some words that could be used to make an audience feel the emotion of "Misery". Do I know what all of these words mean? Yes. Did I know what all of these words meant when I was in Grade 8? No! That is why it is important to use a dictionary to help you understand the meanings of words which you may not know when doing this assignment.


1.) Last class, I asked you the question: "What emotion do you want the audience to feel when they watch your documentary?", and you wrote your answers in a Google Doc. Now take a look at your answers.

2.) Next, go online and find 3 words that you feel would show this emotion in your movie. If you don't know what they mean, LOOK THEM UP! Write these words with your emotions in the Google Doc.

3.) Using Commons to search, find one picture for each of your 3 words that shows what the word means. This is when it will be very important to UNDERSTAND the meanings of the words that you picked, so if you haven't looked them up in a dictionary yet, do it now! Download and save each picture.

*Remember to make sure that the picture is OK to use (Search only Creative Commons, and if it says "All Rights Reserved", it is NOT OK to use the image. If it says "Some Rights Reserved", it is OK).

** Remember also to copy the URL for each picture that you use (this is the address of the page in the address bar at the top of the screen- just highlight and copy the whole thing). Then, paste the URL next to the correct word on the Google Doc for this project. I've put an example in the Google Doc, as well.

*** Please remember that each picture you choose must be appropriate for school!

4.) Using, upload each picture that you chose and make a slide of it. To make a slide you, will need to:

-Edit (any way you like)

- Create- This is where you add text (see Text in the menu bar between Effects and Stickers). Your text should be simple: Just the word that the picture shows. Make sure that the font color and style matches the mood of the picture (so if your picture is a dark room that shows "gloomy", you would not want to pick a funny font and make the color of the font pink!).

-Save and share. This will create the slide of your picture. Make sure that you are saving them! Here is an example slide that I made for the word "suffering":


So, you should end up with 3 slides with pictures and the words which they represent.

Good luck and have fun!

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