Monday, September 20, 2010

ESL Grade 8- Emotive Language


Hello, Grade 8! Yesterday we started talking about Emotive Language, which is specific language that is used in order to bring out some emotion or emotions in others. I asked you to choose an emotion, then start searching the internet for an image which YOU feel shows this emotion . Continue this today, using Google Presentation. Once you have found your image and saved it, log into your Gmail account, and there should be an invitation from me to a Google Presentation called ESL G8 Emotive Language. Open this and create your slide in this program.

Once you have finished that task, go to the Google Doc which I have also shared with you, called Emotive Language in Advertising. In this document, you will find examples of advertisements which use emotive language. I would like you to carefully study each advertisement, then complete the two tasks listed in the instructions.

Good luck and have fun!

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