Monday, September 27, 2010

Storyboarding with Storybird- Grades 6 & 7

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

We are talking about making storyboards in class. We have gone over what storyboards are (they are a plan that you make before you actually write a story, and has the order in which things happen), and why we write them (so that you don't get stuck or mess up while you are writing your story, and so that you make sure to include everything that is important).

Now, I want you to practice making a storyboard using a website called Storybird. Storybird is a great site for making storyboards because it has amazing artwork that you can use, and there is a very large selection of pictures. In this post, I have included a video explaining how to use Storybird. Please be sure to watch it if you have any problems, or just if you want to be sure that you understand the tasks assigned.

Here are your tasks for this assignment:

Step 1: Go to the and sign up for an account (be sure to follow ALL of the steps, including checking your email and clicking on the link in order to finish signing up).

Step 2: Create a storyboard:
a.) Click on Create
b.) Choose the artwork with which you want to make your story
c.) Click on "Start a Storyboard"
d.) Make a storyboard that has 15 pages. This storyboard should have pictures ONLY and have NO WORDS.
* Your goal is to create a story that people can understand even though there are no words explaining what is happening. This means that your pictures should be good for the story which you are telling , and the order of things that happen should be clear.

Step 3: Add scene descriptions to each page of your storyboard.

Scene descriptions are very brief. They should be 1-3 sentences that tell what is going on in a scene without giving many details!

Here is an example storyboard that I made on Storybird:

The Magic Flowers by mrsraisdana on Storybird
Please look at this example if you are not sure what a scene description looks like, or how long it should be.

Good luck and have fun!

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