Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Talk About Technology!


Welcome back! Today let's talk about technology and its uses in our lives. What I would like you to do is follow this link to a technology survey. While you are taking the survey, I would like you to remember to do three things:

1.) Read all of the questions carefully and think about your answers before clicking on them.

2.) Write complete answers.

3.) Ask me if you are confused about what any of the questions are asking.

Take your time! When you are finished, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HIT "SUBMIT"!

Next, start on a little introductory activity that is designed to help me learn a little bit more about my students:

Step 1: Choose another student in the class to interview.

Step 2: Ask them questions about their likes and dislikes in the following areas: Music, movies, books, class subjects, and sports. Ask them why they like or dislike certain things.

Step 3: Type up a paragraph about that person. Introduce them to me with their name, then write what you learned about them during your interview. Again, this should be written AS A PARAGRAPH.

Step 4: Save the document, give it the title: "ESL Student Interview", and email it to me at

Have fun!

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