Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Huge Movie Poster! (ESL Grade 8)

In class, we have been writing movie blurbs for the documentary which you are making in your Language A class. Now we are going to move on to the next phase of the unit, which includes making a movie poster to go along with your blurb.

To do this task, we are going to use the site Big Huge Labs. This site allows you to upload a photo, give it a title, add two taglines, and include other information such as credits, a rating and additional information. It is a very easy site to use! Here is the example poster which I made:

As you can see, I used a picture which I took myself, so I did not have to cite my source. However, if you are using a picture from the internet (Creative Commons, of course!), then you will need to cite the page where you found the image.

Some advice that I will give you is to notice the EMOTIVE LANGUAGE that I use in my poster. I am clearly trying to persuade students to stop using the word "Said" so much, and it shows in the wording of the poster. Think about what your goal is: to try and make people want to see your movie. Use language that will make your movie seem interesting and emotional.

Also, make sure that you copy and paste your ideas if you are not able to finish by the end of the period, as the site will not save it.

When you are finished making your poster, please print it up IN COLOR AND ON A3 PAPER. Then. save it as a jpeg to your desktop for your final reflection blog post.

Good luck, be creative and have fun!

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