Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ESL 8, Unit 1 Reflection: The Power of Words

The end of the unit is here, and our projects are done! It is now time for our unit reflections. You have posted your documentary blurbs and movie posters in a separate post with a brief description. Now, you will post your two reflections: the first one is your written reflection on the processes that you used to complete your projects, as well as the learning and skills that you gained from doing them; the second one is your video reflection where you answered the unit question and reflected on how well you showed this knowledge during your project.

Part 1: Written Reflection:
For the written reflection, you should take the information from the reflection questions Google Doc that you shared with me and write it up in three paragraphs:

Paragraph #1: Give a brief description of the whole unit.  Answer the questions: what did we study and what did we do? You should hyperlink your Unit 1, Part 1 reflection in this part.

Paragraph #2: Write a reflection about making your movie poster. What did we learn? What did we do?
You should use the answers to the Google Docs reflection questions #1-7 in this paragraph.

Paragraph #3: Write a reflection on the whole unit. You should use the answers to the Google Docs reflection questions #8-11 in this paragraph.

Part 2:  Video Reflection

Your second reflection will be a video reflection. Go to Photo Booth and make a 45-60 second video of yourself in which you answer the following two questions.

      1.)  How can language be used to influence how people act?
2.)  How well do you think you used language in your project (blurb and poster) in order to influence people to want to see your documentary? EXPLAIN THIS WELL!

Once you have finished making your video, put both your written and video reflections in a blog post and publish it. Remember to give it the same title and labels as this post.

Have fun!

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