Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Is What Good Storytelling Looks like! (ESL Grades 6 & 7)

Watch this clip of the making of the movie, "Despicable Me". You will notice that the movie is an animated movie, with actors giving the characters their voices. However, we as the audience never see the actors, so they must use their voices to give the movie life and make it interesting. This is storytelling!

As you watch the clip, take note of the way the actors are saying their lines- they are not simply standing at a microphone and reading them. They are moving their whole bodies, using different voices and making faces. All of these things are what we have talked about in class when we discuss how to tell a good story.

These are things that I want you to remember when you are making your story podcasts. Even though you are only using your voices, and the audience won't actually SEE you, you still need to put these ideas (body movement, using different voices, making faces to show how you feel)into your recording in order to tell a good story. Remember: Have fun with this!

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