Sunday, November 28, 2010

ESL 6 & 7 Unit 1 Reflection: Spoken Words

The end of the unit is here, and our projects are done! It is now time for our unit reflections. You have posted your story and podcast in a separate post with a brief description. Now, you will post your two reflections: the first one is your written reflection on the processes that you used to complete your projects, as well as the learning and skills that you gained from doing them; the second one is your video reflection where you answered the unit question and reflected on how well you showed this knowledge during your project.

Part 1: Written Reflection:

For the written reflection, you should take the information from the reflection questions Google Doc that you shared with me and write it up in three paragraphs:

Paragraph #1: Give a brief description of the whole unit. Answer the questions: what did we study and what did we do? You should hyperlink your Unit 1, Part 1 Reflection in this part.

Paragraph #2: Reflect on the unit. What did we learn? What did we do?
You should use the answers to the Google Docs reflection questions #1-4 in this paragraph.

Paragraph #3: Write a reflection on your podcast and how well you feel you showed your understanding of the unit question. You should use the answers to the Google Docs reflection questions #5-9 in this paragraph.

Part 2: Video Reflection

Your second reflection will be a video reflection. Go to Photo Booth and make a 45-60 second video of yourself in which you answer the following two questions.

1.) What are the main differences between reading a story and telling a story?

2.) How well do you think you TOLD your story in your podcast? EXPLAIN THIS WELL!

Once you have finished making your video, put both your written and video reflections in a blog post and publish it. Remember to give it the same title and labels as this post.

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